Peugeot 207 door mirror replacement guide

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Peugeot 207 Door Mirror Replacement Instruction Guide

Remove the three panel retaining screws (T15 Torx).

Lift out the window switch inset and disconnect the plug

The panel is held by a lip along the top and push clips along the lower half (white).

Use a thin lever to prise away the panel clips along the bottom from the left.
Use a protective sheet to prevent scratches to the door.

The door handle does not need to be removed, it has a long cable connected.
After the lower clips have been freed, pop the remaining central one by pulling the bottom edge out, it hinges at the top. The panel can then be lifted away from where it hooks over. Begin at the top left.

The door handle is held to the trim by two friction posts and can just be levered off.

The two mirror cable connectors are unclipped and a cord attached so when the mirror is removed the cord (blue) can be used in reverse to pull back the new cable.

The mirror cover is unclipped and the single bolt is removed to allow replacement.

The colour matched back just clips in position.

The car used was a 2008 207 S.
The mirror unit was purchased in January 2012 from a Peugeot dealership for £109.48.
It was a non returnable special order. Part number: P00008149ZG.
The supplied pack included a primed outer cover but no indicator lamp.

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