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Date Program / Version Update
January 2015 4-Shop Point of sale Release
March 2015 4-Shop Free 4SWeb utility to provide live website inventory
June 2015 4-Shop Restaurant table facility
July 2015 Mandarin Chinese Flashcard apps Android Windows
August 2015 4-Shop 4EPOS Android inventory viewer POS Utility
September 2015 4-Shop How to use videos: 1 2
October 2015 4POS SC Client Restaurant table facility
February 2016 4POS SC Client Improved invoices
July 2016 4-Shop SC Release
November 2016 4-Shop, 4-Shop SC Improved backup and restore options
May 2017 4-Shop SC Client Full display version
June 2017 4-Shop SC Client Maintenance update
August 2017 Salon Manager Windows 10 app Release
November 2017 4-Shop, 4-Shop SC Improved invoices
June 2018 4-Shop SC Client Receipt font option
April 2019 4-Shop, 4-Shop SC Three for two offers
October 2019 4-Shop, 4-Shop SC Improved image options
May 2020 4-Shop, 4-Shop SC client Improved receipts, invoice email option
November 2020 Salon Manager OneDrive option
December 2020 Face Extractor Security Database App Barcode and QR Code ID Cards
February 2021 4-Shop, 4-Shop SC client Increased tables, kitchen print options