Armani Watch Movement Repair Guide Removal Miyota Movement

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Armani Watch Movement Removal Repair

The Fossil company is the manuafacturer for most Armani watches. The movement is typically a standard Miyota (a Citizen subsidary). The movements do not usually have model marking but typically appear to be the standard unadjusted A2015 which retails for about $5.00 to 10.00.
  • Remove the stem (winder).
  • Remove the plastic movement case holder.
  • Remove the movement from the case.
  • Remove the hands
  • Remove the dial

The stem is removed by depressing the stem release button (white arrow).
It then just pulls out.

Note that some movements alternatively require a lever be unscrewed slightly and lifted.
It is important not to force the stem on removal otherwise it may not be retained on reassembly.

The white plastic holder is then removed and the mechanism may be removed.

The hands are removed with a puller. The hands are first aligned to the 12 position.
It is suggested a V cut sheet of paper is used to protect the face.

Finally the dial is simply located to the mechanism by two pins (arrowed).

The rose colour is obtained from the crystal not the dial.

To reaasemble a hand fitting tool is required (below).

The Citizen Miyota web site has downloadable PDFs of the various standard movements.