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  Trial limitations

To enable effective evaluation of our products the trial versions are identical to the full versions except for an inventory limit of 20 or 40 items. Please note that the trial versions do not have the memory allocation routines or index routines for beyond that quantity.

   Data conversion
Need to convert the data from your existing system? Our programs will directly import data that is in comma separated text format (CSV). Please see here for more detail.
Bibase will be glad to provide a complete conversion facility, please just email us for details.

   EPOS Hardware
The programs are designed to work with most industry hardware including receipt printers, cash drawers, barcode readers and pole displays. The Configuration item on the Utilities menu allows hardware specific settings.
Please see here for more detailed information. An introductory guide to POS software is here

  Server Client Versions
The design uses standard Windows RPCs (Remote procedure calls) to give simplified setup and improved performance over traditional file locking methodologies.
Please see here for configuration and troubleshooting information.

  Free Utilities
There are two free web site inventory utilities available. The 4SWeb is for either 4-Shop or 4-Shop SC, it is here and the 4RWeb is for 4POSRENTAL and is here.
An Android inventory reader is also available to display your inventory on any Android device. It is for use with 4-Shop, 4-Shop SC and 4EPOS. It is available from Google play here. Just copy the inventory file, inventory.dat, to the device and import it.

  Activation codes
Bibase aims to provide activation codes by email within 24 hours. Registered users that wish to use products at additional sites may purchase codes at a discount of 50% of the full price. Please email us for details.

  Latest updates
Bibase regularly updates it's programs. A list may be found here.
Registered users may upgrade to the latest version at any time. Updates are supplied on CD only (not email).
A covering charge ($15.00, £10.00) applies. Please email us for for a Paypal payment request or for further details.
Users of the standard 4-Shop may upgrade to the server client 4-Shop SC for the prevailing price difference (CD only).