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Peugeot 207 Spark Plug Replacement Instruction Guide

The spark plugs do not have individual caps, a single head unit is used incorporating all four caps.
Instead of a coil and seperate HT leads, each has an individual HT coil above it's cap.
The head unit is removed by unclipping the quick release sensors then removing the two fixing nuts on the left and right.
The sensor plugs all just push unclip. The two fixing nuts are in a slightly awkard position and a deep 10mm socket may be required.
The plugs require a standard long reach spark plug socket.

Plug type 1.4 EP3 8 valve engine
Manufacturer Part Marking
Peugeot 5960 F0 RFN58LZ
Note: The use of equivalents may affect the ECU (Electronic Control Unit).

Remove the various quick release sensors and plugs (circled).
Remove the top of the two nuts on the left of the unit (arrowed, 10mm).

Remove the two fixing nuts on the left and right (10mm).

Lift off the head unit, it just push fits into the spark plug dwells.

Remove the plugs.
Use a standard 16mm (5/8 inch) spark plug socket. The plugs are deep set and a socket extension bar is necessary. The second plug from the right has limited access and it may be necessary to remove the component cover above (T15 Torx).

To avoid a cross thread it is recommended a piece of rubber tube is put over the top of the spark plug and used to establish the screw in. The plugs are normally supplied preset to the correct gap.
The head unit just pushes back on, it does not have a positive snap fit.

The car used was a 2008 207 S with the 1.4 EP3 8 valve engine.
The VIN (vehicle identification number) is used to identify the correct parts required. The dealer usually just requires the last eight digits.
The plugs removed in this case (Champion) were the incorrect Champion equivalent.
They had the same reach (19mm) but were a colder plug.
The local Peugeot dealer advised (with emphasis) that variants may affect the ECU (engine control unit).

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